Live. Craft. Repeat.

Trying out a new look for my personal craft blog from the Craft-a-torium.  What do you think?  My other blog needs some refreshing, so while that is a work in progress, I’m excited to start a new venture here.  I love CAS, clean and simple.  So why not celebrate all things CAS in one clean spot!

Craft-a-torium was the first nickname my husband gave my personal craft space in our home.  It has stuck for some reason.  The room does seem fit the name- it is THE room where all crafts are done.  Intentionally this is my personal craft space so my hobbies don’t spill over to other rooms.  As you know, crafting tools tend to want to wander.  Since I also tend to craft very late at night, it’s the best place for me to quietly create, while the rest of the house is sleeping.

I have a wonderful crafting companion.  Not the world’s only, but definitely one of the best paper crafting dogs you’ll ever meet!  You’ll catch him doing his own crafts or modeling a hand knit item once in awhile, so stay tuned.

Dog scarf resize Feb

Happy crafting, everyone.


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